How It Works

We are completely focused on helping every artist grow their fan base through merchandise. Our sole purpose is to help bands and artist save their energy for the show. We are a fulfillment center who encourages bands and artist to make merchandise with out the headache of excess inventory and huge up front cost.  

Our mission is to empower local and large scale bands on their quest to provide the ultimate-fan experience. When the curtain calls and the van is all packed up, what do people have to remember you by?

Let's be honest, whether it's rehearsal, studio recordings or shows, artists just don't have time to manage, print, pack and ship. With a combined 30+ years in merchandising and an even longer period as musicians, we understand the importance and value of our fulfillment niche.

Below, is how it works and how your band can get started today!

  1. Using our contact page: Place your bands name in the subject line and a brief message of what you are looking to achieve. We will reach back to you within 1-2 business days.
  2. Once we confirm your page is set up, we will request PNG graphics for mock ups, created at minimum 150DPI, a quick bio paragraph (your an artist: please add all platforms. In ex: Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and one high resolution photo for your collection page.
  3. We will send a generated mock up to confirm your placements, prices and pay splits. Once all are confirmed, your page will go live with in 1 business day.
  4. We print, pack and ship to your customer. All artist will receive a vendor log-in to track sales and pay outs are done bi-weekly. 

Remember, we do not win unless you win. Though we are equipped to service large bands our main objective is to spotlight the local talent and their fans.