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Before we take the stage. Let's go over the rules of the dressing room first!

  • All graphics must be sent as a PNG created at 150DPI minimum ( 300DPI recommended) for quality purposes. Out of respect for your band and your brand, we will not print any low res graphics, but we will discuss options to help you better your print. 
  • PNG Does not have to be set to size, but we recommend you doing so, on a 14x16 inch canvas, before submitting. This eliminates any sizing errors in your end result. 
  • Below illustrates the approximate area 14x16 inches covers on a shirt.  
  • All graphics must fit inside of a 14 x 16 inch parameter but is not limited to the chest area of the shirt.
  • Below are two graphics where both fit inside of the 14x16 inch parameter, but are placed in different locations. THIS IS ACCEPTABLE
  • Below is a graphic that is larger than our allowed parameters. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

Fill out the contact sheet below, complete with your name and your bands name. Write a brief message of what you're looking to achieve. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days!